vb.net Code:
  1. Dim page As New TabPage(String.Format("T " & (x_Count), TabControl1.TabPages.Count + 1))
  2.                     TabControl1.TabPages.Add(page)
  3.                     Dim browser As New WebBrowser()
  4.                     page.Controls.Add(browser)
  5.                     browser.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
  6.                     browser.Navigate(TextBox3.Text)

This is the code I am using to create a new tab with a new web browser in it. However, how would I direct a "Web Browser Refresh" function or a "Navigate" button to these newly declared Web Browsers? What I have come up with is closing the tab and just reopening it with the specified URL, but that isn't hardly practical at all.

Any tips? Thanks you guys!