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Thread: Can you control the ClickOnce intall user path?

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    Can you control the ClickOnce intall user path?

    We're developing a fairly simple reporting tool. We will be installing from a network folder onto the user's pc.

    Our current plan is to have a menu where you can choose your report and then launch a separate "report" exe.

    The report exe is a form where the user can select criteria and then run the report.

    So basically it will consist of "menu.exe" which calls "report1.exe", "report2.exe", etc.

    For this to work the intallation path of the report.exes have to be known on the user pc so that we can call them from menu.exe.

    Can we do this with ClickOnce? I'm concerned a deployment app like ClickOnce will let the user pick the installation folder.

    I'm tempted just to make simple .bat file or console app to deploy this. It almost seems like overkill to use a deployment app.

    Any advice is highly appreciated!

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    Re: Can you control the ClickOnce intall user path?

    ClickOnce apps are installed to the ClickOnce cache. That's what enables them to be ClickOnce apps. By controlling where they are installed, ClickOnce is able to control what can be done with them.

    The answer for you may be to install the secondary executables into the same folder as the primary. That way, you can use (assuming Windows Forms) Application.StartupPath to get the path of the common folder.

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