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Thread: LaVolpeImageList For form icons

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    LaVolpeImageList For form icons

    How can I use this control? For example, I want to use an image in the image list as a form icon. Thank you.

    I test this:

    But the error is wrong: the type does not match

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    Re: LaVolpeImageList For form icons

    Wow, that is an old, very old project I posted on PlanetSourceCode...

    Any way, that function returns an icon handle, not a stdPicture object. You will need to wrap the handle into a stdPicture object. Here's a routine that will do that. VB cannot display all 32bpp icons correctly. Just know that if the icon has alphablending.

    Sample call:

    hIcon = lvImageList1.ImageLists(1).Images.ExtractIcon(7)
    Set Me.Icon = zzHandleToStdPicture(hIcon, vbPicTypeIcon)

    Private Declare Function OleCreatePictureIndirect Lib "oleaut32.dll" (lpPictDesc As Any, riid As Any, ByVal fPictureOwnsHandle As Long, iPic As IPicture) As Long
    Private Function zzHandleToStdPicture(hImage As Long, imgType As PictureTypeConstants) As IPicture
        ' function creates a stdPicture object from an image handle (bitmap or icon used in this class)
        'Private Type PictDesc
        '    Size As Long
        '    Type As Long
        '    hHandle As Long
        '    lParam As Long       for bitmaps only: Palette handle
        '                         for WMF only: extentX (integer) & extentY (integer)
        '                         for EMF/ICON: not used
        'End Type
        Dim lpPictDesc(0 To 3) As Long, aGUID(0 To 3) As Long
        lpPictDesc(0) = 16&
        lpPictDesc(1) = imgType
        lpPictDesc(2) = hImage
        aGUID(0) = &H7BF80980   ' Picture GUID {7BF80981-BF32-101A-8BBB-00AA00300CAB}
        aGUID(1) = &H101ABF32
        aGUID(2) = &HAA00BB8B
        aGUID(3) = &HAB0C3000
        Call OleCreatePictureIndirect(lpPictDesc(0), aGUID(0), 1&, zzHandleToStdPicture)
    End Function
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    Re: LaVolpeImageList For form icons

    Thank you LaVolpe, yes, it seems that only use 256 colors icon. This is what I found very good imagelist, who has a better recommendation?
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