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Thread: Best way to do some ML on CSV

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    Best way to do some ML on CSV

    Hi, good morning everyone.
    I wanted to make a program that analyses data, from a CSV for example, to check for patterns, i searched online and saw that a lot of information on machine learning and pattern recognition. Saw lots of tools like python pandas, online solutions on azure and amazon but dont know where to start.
    The main goal is to find patterns just in closing ticks for forex and binary options.
    I have made a bot for that is working wonders, it basicly buyes odd or even numbers after a number of consecutive even/odd run, for example 10 odds in a row it enters the market buying an even tick, so it enter's the market with martingale saying that the tick 11 will not be odd anymore. this bot is slow, it only enters the market at most 2 times per hours, the success rate is very high, if it fails 1 tick in wins the next one, i have been using it for a long time and never saw it lose more than 2 in a row.
    The whole idea with machine learning was inputting days of tick data (open/close hour and tick value) to find patterns, to see if i can make a better bot than this one or find some pattern that i am missing.
    The main idea is also for me to learn how to do it, i play with binary options for fun on free time, i know that it is not a good odd for us and the house always wins, unlike other trading options like stocks or forex, but i'm doing this for fun so if anyone can help please let me know the best way to analyse this data and how to move forward, i know how to code .net but never messed with this kind of ML stuff before

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    Re: Best way to do some ML on CSV might be worth a look, only skimmed over the docs myself but it does look like it is starting to bring a lot of the typical ML stuff you would expect to find in Python to the .Net world.

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