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Thread: Complex Outlook Rule

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    Question Complex Outlook Rule

    Hello All!

    I work at a company who distros out Office 2013 in their systems. Frustrated at the limited funyionality of Outlook Rules (only 1 functions per rule) I came to seek wisdom from you folks

    It should be noted there is a constraint. This is a company environment meaning no 3rd party applications outside of Ms Office.

    Here is the function I wish to implement in outlook:

    1. Upon receiving an email with a specific Header in the subject.
    2. Check for an attachment (not specific)
    3. Check for a statement in the body between double quotes ( ""sample"")
    4. Create a new message using an existing template (.msg file)
    5. Create a subject header with dynamic information.
    - Template "Arrive HH:MM **repeat forward subject**"
    - Example: Received email w/subject "Notification of payments" at 7:30pm
    Generated Subject "Arrive 19:30 Notification of payments"
    6. Attach files from original email
    7. Send out email

    I am familiar with Vba in excel but am no means a expert on this subject matter.

    Any helpful insight (probable obstacles, partially/full code) or even general discussion would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Complex Outlook Rule

    sounds like a Christmas wish list

    what have you tried, I'm sure people will help (me included) but
    show some effort.
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    Re: Complex Outlook Rule

    you can assign a macro to an outlook rule, the action description is run a script

    i would think you can use the criterias from 1 and 2, possibly 3 depending on the exact requirement
    checking 3 (if needed) and any additional criteria and the reply part should be no problem at all in vba
    technically it would be a sub rather than a function as no return would need to be passed to the caller

    limited funyionality of Outlook Rules (only 1 functions per rule)
    you may be able to have more than 1 rule using the same criteria, which can all be processed, though i have never tried it, however all your specs are a single requirement

    in addition to the above outlook also has a new mail event that can check every message that arrives (into the inbox?), you could then check the criterias and do what ever, this was the only option on earlier versions of outlook, where the rules had less functionality, but i would prefer to go with the macro from rule, as now available
    i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.
    Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next

    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

    come back and mark your original post as resolved if your problem is fixed

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