I have an issue on 64 bit windows 10 with 32 bit activex exe not respecting the multiuse property. The apps are written in vb6 and .net. The activex exe is called from two separate regular Exes. The first regular exe calls a class in the activex exe. It is running and visible in task manager. The second regular exe then calls the activex exe, but instead of using the loaded activex exe, a new copy of the activex exe is loaded. Not all windows 10 systems we have tried exhibit this problem. The instancing property in the activex exe classes are set to 5 - multiuse and the project thread pool is set to 1. We tried registering the activex exe in the sysWow64 directory, but this did not resolve the issue. These apps have been working for many levels of windows and this issue started occurring with windows 10. This issue does not occur in the IDE. Any suggestions on how to work around or fix the issue would be greatly appreciated.