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Thread: RichTextBox Mouse Selecting Error

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    RichTextBox Mouse Selecting Error

    ok in my richtextbox I have a few lines of text and I am trying to, for example, put the mouse cursor on the second line and drag down to the end of the third line but at the end of the third line at the last character it is not able to select it and selects the whole damn text box.. there is no code that is making this happen this is by default. What is going on with this?

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    Re: RichTextBox Mouse Selecting Error

    I just did some testing and I can't get it to select the entire text but it did select whole words once I dragged past the end of the first word. For instance, if I had this text:
    First line here.
    Second line here.
    Third line here.
    and I started dragging from within "line" on the second line, as soon as I got beyond the word "line" the entire word was selected. It would also select entire words thereafter and I had to go further than I wanted and drag backwards to select partial words. I could do the same by dragging up instead of down, so I could only ever select a partial word at one end but not where I started dragging. I think that that is the Windows UI trying to be helpful. I'm not aware of a way to prevent that when selecting with the mouse, although it's worth noting that it doesn't happen when selecting with the keyboard, i.e. pressing the arrow keys while depressing Shift.

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