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Thread: Error at compiling: Not enough memory

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    Question Error at compiling: Not enough memory


    I have a VB6 project with really many modules and classes and forms.

    Some days ago I got a "code too long" (or something like that) error because the compiled code of a module would exceed 64 kb.
    That was perfectly understandable.

    But now I got a different error very often:

    When I type a line, the VB6 IDE tells me "Error at compiling: Not enough memory"

    Please not that this is not a runtime error, but a message from the VB6 IDE.

    When this happens, I can not type anything else anymore. I need to close VB6 and restart it.
    Then I actually need to remove some code in order to be able to type new code. Given the fact that I barely have an redudant code, that's quite a challenge.

    Can anybody confirm that is a "valid" error that occurs when a project is really huge, or could there be a different error underneath?

    Thank you!
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