Many years ago I had a VB6 app that behaved as a Virtual Drive solution. A guy wrote a Driver in C++ and sitting inbetween the VB6 App and that C++ .sys driver was a COM dll.

Unfortunately I do not know much about C++ All I know is that this combination worked fine in a 32 bit machine.

Now I am in need of getting this app running on Windows x64 and of course I have run into issues for obvious reasons. I can't rewrite the main app in VB.Net as it is too big and there is no time. What I am hoping though is there might be some way of achieving the following ;

MyApp(VB6) >> AppCOM.dll >> VirtualDriver.sys

The VirtualDriver.sys is currently in C++ and that has been compiled in VS2015 to x64

The AppCOM.dll is also in C++ and that has also been compiled now in VS2015 to x64

MyApp of course is still 32bit

I have tried to connect AppCOM.dll to the MyApp but no go, I assume because AppCOM.dll is 64bit

The Question Is ....

Is there a way of having some intermediary DLL (perhaps that AppCOM.dll) built in some way that the VB6 app will talk to it, and the 64bit VirtualDriver.sys will connect to it at the other end ?