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Thread: Crazy Question msvbvm60.dll

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    Crazy Question msvbvm60.dll

    So hopefully this does not annoy the super experts here but I just want to ask a question.

    I was diagnosing a dll and was using depends.exe. In there I saw the msvbvm60.dll and all the c functions in it. So it got me thinking.

    Would it be possible to create a msvbvm60.dll that is cross platform? There are a bunch of functions, but many seem pretty straight forward.

    It means that the vb6 code for forms and classes and modules would still need a cross platform compiler ...

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into it?

    I am still waiting for the first rev of my lazarus conversion, I am just wondering if lazarus vb6 code interpreter, and a cross platform msvbvm60.dll is feasable.


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    Re: Crazy Question msvbvm60.dll

    Hi axisdj,

    I definitely think this whole idea is tilting at windmills. But, there are (at least) two ways you could define cross-platform: 1) non-Windows OS but still x86 CPU, or 2) something running a non-x86 CPU.

    IMHO, the second case is WAY WAY out there (for VB6 code ever running on it. The first case is also WAY out there, but not quite as far. The first thing we must realize that a VB6 compiled program not only needs msvbvm60.dll. Just as a start, it also needs all the core Windows API calls. So, we'd be talking about limiting ourselves to something like Wine.

    Actually, I don't have any experience with Wine, but I believe the msvbvm60.dll will just natively run on it. So, IMHO, it's not so much about msvbvm60.dll, as it is x86 and/or all the Windows API calls.

    Now, just because you don't make any API declarations, don't mistakenly think that they're not being made. They absolutely are. The compiler just isn't bothering you with all those details.

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    Re: Crazy Question msvbvm60.dll

    Here is the VB6 IDE running under Linux/Wine:


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