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Thread: Code Bookmarks Add-In ???

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    Code Bookmarks Add-In ???

    Ok, I've got my head all full of Add-Ins these days, and I thought I might have some fun with ideas in this thread.

    Ok, I know about the IDE's Ctrl-Shift-F2, but I'd sometimes like more bookmarks than that saves.

    I've just been brainstorming with myself, and come up with this. Six buttons (on the Standard toolbar). Here are my proposed ToolTips:

    1. Goto Prev Bookmark
    2. Mark/Set Bookmark
    3. Goto Next Bookmark
    4. Save Project's Bookmarks
    5. Clear Project's Bookmarks
    6. Clear ALL Bookmarks

    And here's the proposed way it'd look on the toolbar:

    Name:  Bookmarks.png
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    Keep in mind that I want to limit myself to the available Office Toolbar icons. That keeps the Add-In from fouling up the ClipBoard. Therefore, if you'd like different icons, please provide me with the Office FaceID that you're thinking about. (I'll let you work out how to get those FaceIDs. Those FaceIDs are 1017, 376, 1018, 1713, 1716, 1670, respectively.)

    As a first pass, I probably won't make it work with VBG groups, but it probably won't be too hard to do that. (Actually, the more I think about it, I'll probably still store the bookmarks per project, but just allow the Add-In to handle more than one bookmark collection (one for each open project).

    I think the ToolTips make it clear what the buttons would do.

    I'm thinking of using the registry to store the bookmarks (the last three buttons), but I'll set it up so that it's all in one registry key. The "Clear ALL Bookmarks" would totally clean-up anything the Add-In placed in the registry. But using the registry in this way provides one big advantage to Ctrl-Shift-F2 ... these bookmarks would be persistent across different executions of the IDE (for the same project). I guess the Add-In will check-and-read the registry when a new project is opened. I'll have to work out the best way to differentiate among different projects.

    I'm going on a trip for a few days, so I probably won't make much headway for a bit, but I probably will get this going.

    I'm open to ideas, so long as no one takes offense if I don't incorporate those ideas. But, the reason I'm starting this thread is to hear/listen to those ideas.

    I've already created a little "Stub" project. I'll post that, just for grins.

    Y'all Take Care,
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