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Thread: VBA - Execution error

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    VBA - Execution error


    Please help me to optimize my code VBA (Excel) see below.
    Actually i have an execution error1004 at line " MyDataRealise.Cells(rg.Row, "A").EntireRow.Delete"
    Dim clebudget As String
    Dim rg, rgmois As Range
    Dim reponse As Integer
    Dim MyDataRealise As Object
    clebudget = ListBoxBudgetReel.Column(1, ListBoxBudgetReel.ListIndex) & "/" & ListBoxBudgetReel.Column(0, ListBoxBudgetReel.ListIndex) & "-" & ListBoxBudgetReel.Column(3, ListBoxBudgetReel.ListIndex)
    Set MyDataRealise = Sheets("Realise").Range("F1").CurrentRegion
    Set rg = MyDataRealise.Range("F1:F10000").Find(clebudget, MyDataRealise.Range("F1"), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole)
    If Not rg Is Nothing Then
       reponse = MsgBox("Voulez vous vraiment supprimer cet enregistrement ?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Confirmation")
        If reponse = vbYes Then
            MyDataRealise.Cells(rg.Row, "A").EntireRow.Delete
            MsgBox "Enregistrement supprimé avec succès !", vbInformation, "Informations"
            ListBoxBudgetReel.RowSource = "Tabrealise"
        End If
        MsgBox "Impossible de supprimer l'enregistrement !", vbCritical, "Informations"
    End If
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