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Thread: Undead programming forums

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    Undead programming forums

    I just found an answer to a question of mine on this forum (http://computer-programming-forum.com/)
    I'd never heard of it before.
    It's got a big subforum on smalltalk, last post 1998
    It's kind of sad to look at it. Where has everyone gone?
    It's great that someone keeps hosting it but i guess it will disappear eventually.

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    Re: Undead programming forums

    Interesting that one of the larger Forums was Ada. That makes me think the forum was mostly European users as Ada grabbed a greater foothold in Europe back in the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by vbrad View Post
    It's got a big subforum on smalltalk, last post 1998
    Interesting. In my browser, on the main pages, it shows the last post in smalltalk forum was in June 1902. Same with the Pearl forum. Must be some real old timers participating there.
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