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Thread: DataReport Orientation

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    DataReport Orientation

    Hello Everyone ,
    I am facing the old problem of Data report and/or Printer page orientation setting. Some learned people advised me to run sp6 then the data report Orientation property will appear. I did the same but no result found. I cam to know that PageSet.Exe will solve the problem, I searched it everywhere but could not found. My Humble prayer to everyone if anyone can send me the pageset.exe file or any other solution. thanks a lot in advance...

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    Re: DataReport Orientation

    Don't thank me, thank the Internet Archive:


    Edited to add: How to unpack the EXE with 7-Zip without running the EXE:

    • Right-click Pageset.exe, and unpack to a subfolder.
    • Go to .rsrc\RCDATA subfolder, and right-click CABINET file, and unpack it.
    • Now you have the sample project.
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    Re: DataReport Orientation

    Do yourself a favor, just get VB6 SP6 properly installed. You clearly have a problem if you don't have the DataReport.Orientation property, and that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

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