Today I started to have a strange problem.
I leave the IDE openned with a project that I'm working, then I take a break, I open FireFox, go to FaceBook or Youtube, write a couple of comments (I mention these things just to say that I don't do anything strange), then I look and realize that the VB6 taskbar icon is now closed.
And VB6.exe doesn't close normally because when I open it again, the last project in the MRU is not the one that I had opened but some older one. That means that it crashes.

This never happened to me before.
Anyone experienced crashes when the IDE is in the background?
Any idea about how to investigate the issue?

I don't rememeber I've done anything in the last days that could corrupt something.
Today because of this problem I restored Windows to a restore point of 10 days ago. But anyway the issue happened again after the restoration.
I still didn't reinstall VB6, that will be the next thing to do. But I don't understand what could have happened.

The only thing I remember is that the Adobe Flash plugin was updated and the Windows Defender also was updated.
And after the restoration the first thing I did was to allow both to update.
Perhaps Windows Defender now is crashing the VB6 IDE?