Right now, I am working on a simple code project. It is a spoof alert that creates a message box (the reason behind it is classified). So far, I have created these lines of code for a .vbs file:

dim ti
WScript.Sleep 200
x=msgbox("Message", 5+48, "Title")
Loop while (timer-ti)<20*60 '20*60 seconds

This will create a message box that pops up every 2 seconds with two options, retry, and cancel. But. the message boxes pop up in only one spot of the screen, making it possible for the victim (it is just a prank) to easily X them all out. Is it possible to add to the code and make the boxes pop up in random positions all over the screen, making it a real pain in the ***. Any clue how to do that? Also, please share any ideas to make the prank even more rage inducing (for maximum hilarity)... Please respond ASAP! Thanks!