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Thread: Any source of WPF templates or similar?

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    Question Any source of WPF templates or similar?

    Hi all,

    I'm migrating an old proyect made under VB6 and Excel into .NET and c# using WPF (I've decide to use WPF instead of Winforms).

    I've see the basics of WPF and now I can recreate simple forms similar to the ones I can archieve in VB6 forms. The thing here is I want my program to have a simple but modern UI, responsive, etc.

    Since XAML is similar to web programming I wonder if exists any tool to develop the interface in a GUI. I think in the same way today people does not develop webpages from code but uses wordpress, themes and constructors, it could be something similar for XAML.

    Even it would be great having templates that I can adapt to my needs.

    I look in Google and I find a huge quantity of info, but I'd thank a lot the advice of someone that has experience on it.

    Regards and many thanks

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    Re: Any source of WPF templates or similar?

    I'm not sure I understand your issue.
    If you use the Visual Studio IDE with a C# WPF project selected, you should be presented with window that has a form in it, and a window that has XAML in it.
    If you select a GUI element from the toolbox and place it on the form, you should see XAML code created and added to the XAML window.

    As far as I know, that is developing "the interface in a GUI". Do you need something beyond that?

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    Re: Any source of WPF templates or similar?

    Blend (formerly Expression Blend) is a tool for designers to build a XAML GUI but you would then use VS to add functionality. It comes with VS Pro but not with Community. You can use Windows Template Studio to create XAML-based UWP apps with little coding required but I don't think the same thing is offered for WPF.

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