Hi I am able to successfully run the below VBA code (right click on Tab w/n excel worksheet and put this in View Code).

However, I'm running into issues when I try to run VBA code on the same worksheet tab based on the drop down value in another excel worksheet tab.

How do I modify the below code to work for me when referencing a cell value on another worksheet?

Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range)
If Not Intersect(target, Range("F61")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Range("F61")
Case "(Select)": CurrentProductSpend_Hide
Case "Yes": CurrentProductSpend_Unhide
Case "No": CurrentProductSpend_Hide
End Select
End If
If Not Intersect(target, Range("F87")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Range("F87")
Case "(Select)": IncrementalProductOpp_Hide
Case "Yes": IncrementalProductOpp_Unhide
Case "No": IncrementalProductOpp_Unhide
End Select
End If
End Sub