the bain of everyone everywhere, two projects, two reports. One written 6 months ago, works like a champ,

the other one (current project) wants to throw the database login box whenever the report is run, both take parameters (single int parameter for row ID)

SQL 2012, VS 2017 Framework 4.5.1 target, both are set to any cpu prefer 32 bit

both reports run off of stored procs in the database

both databases have the same security group with the same permission set (standard)

I went through each project, one has a few more references to crystal than the other, but they both work on my dev box flawlessly, not so much in production.

Nothing i have tried via all the answers i can find has worked, runtimes on my box same as runtimes on target PC.

at wits end and lack the hair to pull any out.

code is as follows
            string p = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location);
            p += @"\CategoryReport.rpt";
            int OrderID = id;
            var rd = new ReportDocument();
            rd.SetParameterValue(0, id);
            crvReportViewer.ReportSource = rd;
            crvReportViewer.DisplayToolbar = true;