I use Outlook for work and sometimes need to bill my time in connection with emails sent or received. I wanted to design a custom message form to help me keep track of billing on those items. The work flow I envision is to have a custom message form that includes a few additional fields (i.e., yes/no fields - "billable" and "write off," a numerical field "time," and a text field "billing description"), and to make the custom form the default form for matters which require me to track that time, to review those items within that folder and to update those items with information for the custom fields. Finally, to export the data for all of the items in those folders to my billing program.

Thus far, I have succeeded in making a custom form (although it seems to be saving as an IPM.Note item which I guess is right but not sure). The custom form has appropriate VBA code which helps me evaluate the contents of the email (i.e., date and time, whether it is incoming or outgoing, and analyzes the length and complexity of the message in order to suggest a reasonable time for billing), and places suggested information in each of the appropriate fields.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to set this form as the default for the folder. When I try, I get the message "you cannot create an item of this type in this folder."

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong and I'd really appreciate any guidance.