Folks, I am calling a .rpt report developed with Crystal Reports 8. Yeah, I know it is old. I am working in Visual Studio 2010, The OS is Windows 10. IF I call the report without specifying a SelectionFormula, it prints the report as it should. As soon as I specify a SelectionFormula, the report does not print at all. The code is:

connID% = AxCR1.LogOnServer("p2sodbc.dll", "FishboneReports", gsDatabasePathAndName, "", "")
sWhere = "{tCOHeader.CONumber} = 'CO1'"
AxCR1.SelectionFormula = sWhere
That selection code works fine if I use it in the report designer. I have also tried
sWhere = "{tCOHeader.CONumber} = ""CO1""" with the same results. Any clues?

The password is specified in the DSN definition and since it works with no SelectionFormula, I don't think that is the problem. The database is MS Access.

Thank you.