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Thread: Composite Keys

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    Question Composite Keys

    I am developing an application that will have two databases at distant sites synchronised using a custom sync engine (this is necessary as it will be done over a very low-bandwidth VHF radio link, but that's another story!). To avoid the problem of key conflicts, each of the primary keys are composite keys, made up of two columns. The first column identifies the originating database (eg 0 for master, 1 for the remote database), the second column is an integer which is auto-incrementing.

    Therefore, it is possible to have for example:


    On the SQL side of things, this is all fine.

    However, when it comes to getting the application to work with this I am encountering some issues. Depsite having set up the relationships and keys in the dataset designer, I cannot work out a way of binding my controls to composite keys.

    For example, a combobox. If I set it to be bound to the 'pk' field, and I move to a record where '1-1-jones' is the value in the database, it actually shows 'bloggs'. I can see that this is because it is finding the first record with pk=1. But pk is only part of the key, I cannot see a way of telling the combobox object to bind to a composite key.

    Am I being too optimistic in thinking that this can be done without manually coding it?! Or have I missed something obvious? Many hours of searching the web has yielded no answers.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Composite Keys

    Probably would have been useful to add(!), I am using VB .net 4.5 in VS2013

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    Re: Composite Keys

    When you save... via vb, can you parse the 'id'.
    If so then add 's' + origin+'pk'+pk then when saving parse the string 'id' and add to the columns as required...?
    Same thing for the sql driving the grid/table view. Just need to process it before displaying in the form...

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