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Thread: which type of DB in host is better

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    Question which type of DB in host is better


    using from SQLite DB is better than Sqlserver DB or not?


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    Re: which type of DB in host is better

    That's like asking which is better, a hammer or a screwdriver... while both are tools (databases) they both fill different needs/purposes... there's somethings SQLite will be better at that SQL Server isn't at, and other things that SQL Server will be better at that SQLite won't be... so you're asking the wrong question in my opinion. What you should be doing is looking at your needs and then researching the capabilities of both, and then determining which one will better serve your needs.

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    Re: which type of DB in host is better

    tg is completely correct but, given that this question has been posted in the Mobile Development forum, I will add one comment that may aid you in evaluating your needs and the capabilities of those databases. SQL Server is a service-based database system, which means a server must be installed with all the overhead that comes with that. If you want a database on a mobile device itself then SQL Server is not an option, but if your mobile app is going to connect to a web service then the power and flexibility of a full-scale RDBMS like SQL Server on the host server is likely to be advantageous. SQLite is a file-based system that is relatively powerful but can't do all that SQL Server can, but it can run with a fairly small footprint on a mobile OS. It's basically just a data file and a DLL.

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