Hi people,

I am using a user defined function formula in my excel sheet. The formula is,
PlaceBO = (Exch, TrdSym, Trans, Qty, LmtPrice, SqOffValue, StoplossValue, TrailPoints, OrdType, TrgPrice, cTag)

I am using this for trading. I tam using CONCATENATE formula in column "I" which gives result as follows,



The values in columns D:H keep changing. And so the values in column I. What I am currently doing is whenever a order formula appears at column "I", I will copy it manually and paste it in adjacent cell at column J. Then in that cell (in column J) I have to double click and press enter. Then only the order will pass.

How to make it through vba code to search the column "I" for orders and place it in column J.

Thanks in advance.