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Thread: C# & Time

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    Resolved C# & Time

    I spend a lot of time learn vb.net (winform- ado- sql)
    search job using this skills in the software company tell me we need C#
    I spend a lot of time learn c# (wpf - ado - sql)
    but I don't have a luck in software company

    at the END I find freelance site (EXCELLENT)

    but I don't find any job or work related to C# - VB.net

    What is your advice to me

    Switch to Android
    Switch To web
    Suggest any skill so I can benefit from mentioned skills and earn

    how can I benefit from my previous skills on the freelance site
    Thank you in Advance

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    Re: C# & Time

    An idea is to search through local classifieds in solely your area for the most common request for programming positions over say a month's time or more, you should be able to determine which direction to go from here.

    In my area employers are looking mostly for full stack developers fluent in both front and backend web development and even better can work with different technologies.

    For example, I might be working with xamarin for a spell, get a call for a production fix with a ColdFusion app then back to xamarin. Another time working with C# web based or Windows based solution. What is important is you bring to the table the ability to satisfy the potential employer with more than one technology or compliment these skills with architecture and database knowledge.

    In today's web centric world you can never go wrong learning JavaScript (jQuery), CSS and HTML5 along with templeting interfaces.

    Other options are moving to another location. I did this in 1994, did not limit my search for a position and ended up moving from Pennsylvania to Oregon where I worked for one company from 1994 until last January then moved to a sister company (two blocks away) which I'm at now. Moving can be a huge deal but many do this and are successful both in employment and making a new life for you (and your family).

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    Re: C# & Time

    Thank you for your reply
    I will take your advice and Learn (JQuery- JavaScript - CSS - HTML5) as Expert
    Thank you

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    Re: C# & Time

    I'd also look into some of the web-based frameworks like Angular, NodeJS, and React.. and if you want to do full-stack development as well, also look into back-end things like Spring-boot & Java.

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