Hi everyone,

I need to open an html page "C:\test.htm" by clicking a VB6 button. I use the ShellExecute API for this and it works wonderfully.
I actually need to take this one step further though, and automatically jump to a specified bookmark in the page as well. My comon sense guess would be to provide the bookmark reference the usual way: "C:\test.htm#bmk". But that doesn't work - the page no longer even opens.

Can this be done?

Note that I cannot use paths to specific browsers in this (i.e. something like "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome.exe /o C:\test.htm#bmk" - and I don't claim that this syntax is correct, it is merely an example). The application will be distributed among many different users, each with his/her own browser that can be installed anywhere.

Thanks in advance!