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Thread: Replacement of Fmod library

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    Replacement of Fmod library

    Hi all,
    I’m doing a spectro analyzer in VB6 to listen to mp3 music files, flac etc …
    I found an old code to draw the spectro graphic.
    When I play the flac files there is no spectro that means that the call ‘FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum’ to the fmod library is not compatible.
    I have seen that there is fmod_ex, I would like to know if it is compatible to read the flac files and which series the new call to replace ‘FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum’ it with the old one.

    The basic call code for the spectro is as follows:

        Dim i As Long
        Dim dits(1023) As Single
        Dim ddits(1023) As Integer
        Dim dsppectrum As Long
            dsppectrum = FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum               'get reference of pointer
            CopyMemory dits(0), ByVal dsppectrum, 1024 * 4     'convert long into integer  
                                                                                         'using pointers
            For i = 0 To 1023 Step 1
                ddits(i) = dits(i) * 1000000

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    Re: Replacement of Fmod library


    This sample code does not use the Fmod or Fmod_Ex libraries.
    I do not know why it does not work, I have installed the Creatyve SB X-FI sound card and I have tried all the modes and the program does not work.

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