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Thread: Problem with permission when copy files

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    Problem with permission when copy files

    Hello everyone

    I'm facing an issue
    I'm using this code to copy all the files
                My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory(VBFrom_Path, VBTo_Path, True)
            Catch ex As Exception
                MsgBox("Unable to make the copy")
            End Try
    The problem is when in the VBTo_Path put a folder on a server without having permission in this folder. (Absolutely logical)

    Is there any way to give permission thru the program?? I don't want users had permission in a server folder!!!

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: Problem with permission when copy files

    Usually, although not always, a user wouldn't be granting themselves permission to write to a folder. That would rather defeat the purpose of folder permissions. Is this a special case for some reason?

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    Re: Problem with permission when copy files

    You can use impersonation to give elevated permissions.
    Take a look at this post that had somewhat the same issue. The guy decided to use an xcopy implementation. I don't know how did that ended up.
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