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Thread: RAF for a start in the Computing industry?

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    RAF for a start in the Computing industry?

    Hi! I'm coming out of college next year with an extended diploma (UK - not sure what the US equivalent is) and looking to get into software development. I was thinking of joining the RAF for a few years to get some easy, worthwhile work experience in the real world. Would it be worth it? I could definitely do with some of the benefits of going into the RAF - dead cheap accommodation, free (good) gym and tons of other stuff, but the pay isn't quite as good, I'd be on about 15,000 after tax initially, and having a look around I can get significantly more than that at another company but without the benefits. If you were in this situation, what would you go for & why?


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    Re: RAF for a start in the Computing industry?

    Well, here's how it went for me... I went into the US Air Force w/o a degree, came out with one (an Associates of Applied Science) ... and I've had a pretty successful career ever since. I was in for 4 years from 94-98, so that was some 20 years ago. For me it was worth it. I was having issues at home and had a pretty crappy life, and it helped me get out of it, and into something better. Whether it's for you or not you would need to decide... benefits & experience vs money ....

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    Re: RAF for a start in the Computing industry?

    I think there are lots of good reasons for going into the services but wanting development experience isn't a good enough one in my opinion. There are far easier ways of getting into a developer career.

    That said, if you find the idea of life in the services appealing in and of itself, then development experience (assuming the recruiters can offer you some assurance that you'll be able to take your career in that direction) is a very nice cherry on the cake. I've never been in the services but I've got lots of friends who have and I don't know a single one who's regretted it.
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