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Thread: GUI design and code

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    GUI design and code

    I have this exercise of vb 6.0..I'm new in coding industry...Here it goes!!!
    Write a VB program which computes the grade scored by a student from 3 tests given as input.
    Use a function to compute the average percentage mark and the program should display the percentage mark together with the grade scored.. I will be glad if someone provides with the codes and GUI design.Thank you

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    Re: GUI design and code

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    This is your homework, and if someone helps you is not really helping you.

    Try first to think the logic, make some pseudo-code.

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    Re: GUI design and code

    im quite surprised we still have schools that offer vb6 programming.
    the importance is to try and figure it out on your own. this exercise is made for you so that you get the chance to learn.
    you should also show your progress and not just open a thread and disappear.
    if you get stuck im sure people will help you.

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    Re: GUI design and code

    Just start from what you know,

    for inputs you may use textboxes.
    for the output you may use a label control.

    hope you know how to calculate the average of a given figures.

    So simply integrate the stuffs.

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