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Thread: I have a question about Winsock API

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    I have a question about Winsock API

    If I'm wanting to create my own protocol and therefore using raw IP packets (instead of TCP/IP or UDP/IP), which protocol constant should I use when creating my socket? By looking at sockets.h it seems I have 2 possibilities.
    #define IPPROTO_IP 0 // dummy for IP
    #define IPPROTO_RAW 255 // raw IP packet

    Which constant should I use? One sounds a bit more raw than the other. But I'm not entirely sure.

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    Re: I have a question about Winsock API

    It seems like since you asked this seven hours ago, you probably already had time to spend a few seconds to do a search, and maybe a minute or two to read one of the first hits, so this will be old news.
    Bottom line, if you use IPPROTO_IP, then the protocol will be auto selected based on socket type, i.e. you specify a streaming socket, you get TCP protocol.

    If you want RAW, use RAW. Now instead of being at level 4 (i.e. UDP and TCP are "above" IP, so level 4). Raw is at the IP level (level 3). I think I've only had to deal with one hardware device that required interfacing at the IP level (with "raw" packets).

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