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Thread: Data Reporting Issue....

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    Data Reporting Issue....

    I have designed a package for Salary Generation using Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL DB. The final Data Report is placed below in attachment 1.

    The SQL 2008 DB is attached in attachment 2.

    I had done the following things;

    1. Master Creation for Employees

    2. Deduction Table will store the deductions

    3. Earnings Calculated based on Master by Code. The final salary (Deductions + Earnings) will be generated and stored in "Final Salary Table".

    4. Bind the Field in Data Report and using the following query i had displayed the report

    str = "select em.Emp_Code,em.Emp_Name,em.PF_No,em.Unit,em.Designation,em.Scale,em.PAN_No,em.DOJ,Basic_Pay,oem.Pay_ BP,oem.Grade_Pay,em.Pay_Level,DA,HRA,TA,HA,FP,SPLA,IA,DA_Arr,TA_Arr,AO_Ear,Arr_7thCPC,Gross_Earnings ," _
    & "GPF_Sub,NPS,GPF_AdvSett GS,GPF_AdvTerm GT,GPF_Adv,GSLIS,LISSS,Co_Op,IT,Prof_Tax,PC_AdvSett PS,PC_AdvTerm PT,PC_Adv,Scoo_AdvSett SS,Scoo_AdvTerm ST,Scoo_Adv," _
    & "Fest_AdvSett FS,Fest_AdvTerm FT,Fest_Adv,Lic_Fee,Meter_Rent,HBA_Sett HS,HBA_Term HT,HBA,HRA_Rec,NPS_Arr,AO_Ded,NPS_Arr_7thCPC,IT_7thCPC,Total_Ded,Net_Salary from tbl_salary ts join Tbl_EmpMaster " _
    & "em on ts.emp_code=em.emp_code join Old_Tbl_EmpMaster oem on oem.emp_code=em.emp_code where em.Emp_Name like '%" & Trim(Text1.Text) & "%' and sal_month='" & stretmon & "'"

    Set Rpt_SalarySlip.DataSource = rs18

    Rpt_SalarySlip.Show vbModal
    5. Software is running ok...But I want to show/hide the red colour highlighted fields (in Attachment 1) because it is required for some employees and not required for some employees.

    Final Salary Table have all values so I have to bind the values in fields. I am in confusion to fix the issues.

    "Deductions" or "Earnings" whatever may be, the label and values only need to populate in Data Report wherever the data is available. For Example, If XXX employee have all fields, all are need to be displayed....but if YYY employee have only limited values in table, the limited values only need to be displayed in Report.

    Please your guidance will be support me lot.

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    Re: Please Suggest and Help

    Please provide meaningful titles for your threads. "Please Suggest and Help" is as good as no title at all.

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    Re: Please Suggest and Help

    Quote Originally Posted by jmcilhinney View Post
    Please provide meaningful titles for your threads. "Please Suggest and Help" is as good as no title at all.

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