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Thread: Procedure For Test Machine

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    Procedure For Test Machine

    Please let me know if I am posting this on the wrong forum!

    For Windows 7 and earlier I would use a test machine to test my VB6 applications and the related installation routines. When I was done with the testing, I would restore the test machine to its original condition using an application, Bootit, which allowed me to copy the original state of the system (as an image) over the test partition. The original state image was saved on the same hard drive. I found this faster than restoring using a backup routine.

    I just purchased a Windows 10 computer, and I'm considering using Bootit. Is there a better way to do this than the procedure that I'm using?



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    Re: Procedure For Test Machine

    It's a good question, but not specific to any one language, so I think that General Developer is the best place for it, as it will get the most views that way.
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    Re: Procedure For Test Machine

    I worship 'KISS'
    I avoid multi boot
    I avoid programs storing extra stuff (EG partitions) in the hard drive
    I avoid creating images when Windows is running.

    I have a PC with 3 hard drives.
    I have a PCI slot switch that allows me to depress a button for the drive that I wish to boot into (the other 2 get no power)
    I use the free Seagate DiskWizard. It is free provided it can see a connected Seagate drive.
    I have an external Seagate 3.5" drive (NOT a 2.5" TCH! TCH!). Actually I have a couple.
    I have W10 in one drive.
    I have W7 in another drive.
    And I can restore an image of either the W7 or the W10 into the third drive.
    I use the 3rd drive for anything risky, or for testing.
    I always verify an image after creating it.
    I alternate which external drive that I am saving an image to.

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