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Thread: Help with some logic

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    Help with some logic

    I'm writing an online airline simulation game, my question below isn't about how to write each line of code, more the overarching logic of one aspect.

    What I have is, the CEO (the user) will launch a new route which will be populated into a table; for example New York to/from Los Angeles, or Paris to/from London. Separately I'll then get the user to purchase aircraft and create a schedule. I have all these aspects done.

    My issue is;

    On the 'route', LAX-NYC for example, I need to have some idea of the realistic demand. Well, I assume I do. From here, based on other decisions made such as their investment into maintenance, it will help drive customer satisfaction from another set of logic.

    What I've thought about is

    Option A:
    - Work out an annual market passenger count, with 100,000's of Airports worldwide, the only simple way would be to look at things such as distance apart, passenger movements. While this will give me a number easily enough it can quickly get unrealistic with short routes (Tokyo-Seoul) for example or long routes. This is the option I keep coming back to.

    Option B:
    - Have an array of indicators, for example how many 1,000,000 passenger movements, how many 1000nm, how many international destinations, so your result would be 2,4,3 and average is a 3, I'm not sure how this would relate back into the game though.

    Option C:
    - Have no estimate and let the user build every market. The downside is the user could realistically develop any market even markets without any demand.

    Option D:
    Help! Have I over thought this? Is there a simple way of doing this

    Ultimately, at the end of each financial period, I'm going to look at the number of seats available on each route over each mile (normal airline metric) and look at a dynamic customer logic.

    All this is about saying, you're customers are unhappy, you're over servicing a route and it's costing your airline a heap of money

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    Re: Help with some logic

    I'd think Option A is closest to reality. An airline won't add a route if they can't make money and the only way they will make money is if they can charge the market rate for that route and expect to reasonably fill the minimum number of seats they have flying that route. Always comes back to supply and demand.

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