I have the following code, yet, the report is never filtered; I get all records in the database. While I've tried various syntax options, nothing seems to work. This leads me to believe I'm looking at a problem not related to syntax.

strWhere = "ShipperID = " & Me.cmbShipperList.Value
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptAllSignDataByJob", acPreview, , strWhere

An important note is that this report is based upon an extremely complex query with many types of querries and tables included.

Technically, the field name "ShipperID" is from tblStationStatus and thus you would think referring to it is "tblStationStatus.ShipperID" would work, but the field name in the existing fields list is simply "ShipperID". Regardless, neither works.

I just want to open the filtered report and keep the parameters out of the query.

Thanks, in advance.