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Thread: GMAP adding route between two Coordinates

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    GMAP adding route between two Coordinates

    following on from adding markers in GMAP control on VB form, I'm trying to make a route between two points along road. The route i think comes back as NULL. And i get Exception,
    "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    finish = New PointLatLng(mLat, mLong)
    PostCodeToLongLat(msPostCode, "GB", CarLocation)
    start = New PointLatLng(CarLocation.mdLatitude, CarLocation.mdLongitude)

    route = GMap.NET.MapProviders.GoogleMapProvider.Instance.GetRoute(start, finish, False, False, 15)

    Searched and many people have this question, but the closest to an answer is :

    Dim ss As GMapProviders.GoogleMap.GetDirections
    GMapRoute r = New GMapRoute(ss.Route, "My route")

    But Get Directions is unknown, is it missing a reference?

    This also returns same error

    route = GMap.NET.MapProviders.GoogleMapProvider.Instance.GetRoute("broadway, new york city", "15th street, new york city", False, False, 15)


    route = GMap.NET.MapProviders.BingMapProvider.Instance.GetRoute(start, finish, False, False, 15)]

    route = GMap.NET.MapProviders.OpenCycleMapProvider.Instance.GetRoute(start, finish, False, False, 15)


    Unable to cast object of type 'GMap.NET.MapRoute' to type 'GMap.NET.WindowsForms.GMapRoute'.
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