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Thread: Writing a program in Visual Basic after many years.

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    Writing a program in Visual Basic after many years.

    I have written programs before in Visual Basic.
    So, I am not a complete "newbie" in programming.
    But the last program I wrote was in 1997.

    I want to write a program to help my child in her development and would like to do that in Visual Basic as I have used that before.

    The program self should be very easy and most of the Building Blocks should be available in VB forums and on the Internet.

    But, as I have been out of the programmers world for a long time, I would like to get an advise if this would be a "Piece of cake" or a "nightmare"?

    The program should be something like this:

    1. Start every time the program is invoked with a Blank page and insert the Date and Time in the corner.
    The blank page would be a "Page Field" in VB or a Call to open "Microsoft OneNote" or "Microsoft Notepad".
    2. The child is required to type a text in the Blank Page.
    2a A counter is activated and visible in the screen and will display the number of letters required to be typed
    and the number of letters already typed.
    3. If the required number of letters is reached, the page will be saved and remains visible of the screen.
    The page can not be edited anymore.
    4. A copy of the page is displayed side by side and a Spell-Check is run in the copy.
    The spelling errors are NOT corrected, but Red-marked.
    The child can look at both documents and see where he/she made Grammatical errors.
    5. Both pages are saved and remains visible until the child pushes the "End" button.

    In a further elaborated program, the daily files will be stored in a Database for easy consulting.


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    Re: Writing a program in Visual Basic after many years.

    Welcome to VBForums

    There are two main generations of VB that can make independent programs ("Classic" up to 1998, and .Net after that), and you don't mention which you intend to use, but it doesn't make much difference to your question. If you don't have either handy, I would definitely recommend going for .Net as it is free and supported: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/

    That should all be reasonably easy (in Classic or .Net), except for the spell-check and database work which will be a bit harder without recent programming experience (but we have resources on this site to help).

    To help with some of the steps you listed:
    Use a TextBox, set the Multiline property to true if you want. Handle the _Change event of the textbox, and check the length of the .Text property of the TextBox.

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