Please please go easy on me as im still totally new to .cmd and . vbs.

Ive drawn up a script of which I think is too long but it 90% works for me and just need a bit of guidance. What it is its moving to the new destinations and copying but I need it to move the complete subfolders and not the files individually.

Can anyone help in idiot proof format please.

@echo off
set Source=C:\DOWNLOADS
set Target=C:\DOWNLOADS1
for /F %%a in ('dir  /od /b "%Source%\btp*.*"') do set Folder=%%a
copy /y "%SourcE%\%Folder%"  "%Target%"
set Source=C:\DOWNLOADS
set Target=C:\DOWNLOADS2
for /F %%a in ('dir  /od /b "%Source%\chiltern*.*"') do set Folder=%%a
copy /y "%SourcE%\%Folder%"  "%Target%"
del /q "C:\DOWNLOADS\*"
FOR /D %%p IN ("C:\DOWNLOADS\*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q