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Thread: [RESOLVED] Heip with reports

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Heip with reports

    I need some help to setup some reports. I have been over some of my old projects and can not make heads or tails from it. I have an old form "frmWeeklyReport.vb"(Design). On the bottom I have 3 additions added "HY_Tech_Maint2dataset" , "qryPeriodicwklybindingsource", and "qrywklytableadapter".

    I found the Binding Source in the toolbox under data. I do not know where the other items came from. I know this sounds strange but at 66 my memory just isn't what it was. I just need pushed in the right direction. I apparently did this before in 2008. but it was with MS Access. Now I'm rewriting with SQL
    2017 express and VB2017 Community
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Heip with reports

    You would presumably have generated a typed DataSet from a database. If so, you would have an XSD (XML Schema Definition) item in your Solution Explorer. That would also have added a corresponding Data Source to the Data Sources window. If you drag a table from that Data Sources window, it will add an instance of the corresponding DataSet to your form if there isn't one already as well as an instance of the table adapter for that DataTable. The table adapter is what is used to retrieve data and save changes. It will also add a BindingSource for binding the DataTable to the UI and it will also add the UI element(s), which will be a DataGridView by default but can be configured in the Data Sources window to be a set of individual controls.
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