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Thread: Getting a GridViewRow bound item?

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    Getting a GridViewRow bound item?

    In c# you can get the backing data bound member of a DGV using this
    C# Code:
    1. DataGridViewRow dgvRow = dataGridView1.Rows[rowNum];
    2. object boundItem = dgvRow.DataBoundItem;

    Is there any such way to do this using an GridView that has a data table as its data source?

    I have a data table with about 20 fields and I only need to show about 10 of them, but I need the other 10 for back ground calculations and file paths and such.

    So far all I've figured out is to create Grid columns for everything, then hide the columns I don't want to show. I would rather not even make those hidden columns if I can get to the hidden data directly.
    Thanks for looking
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    Re: Getting a GridViewRow bound item?


    You may want to check GridViewRow's DataItem property

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