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Thread: Contest 13 - Morse Code Translator

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    Contest 13 - Morse Code Translator

    Programming Contest – Morse Code Translator

    For all those who haven't participated in the contest please read the FAQ

    Given an input of Morse Code, translate it into plain English.

    For example, if I input .- then the program should output:

    C, C#, C++, F#, Java, JavaScript(musts include HTML and CSS, but markup/styling will not be graded), LUA, Perl, Python, and VB.Net

    August 1st, 2018

    Rules for Contest
    The rules followed will be specific to the contest and not the game.
    • You must submit the source code and include a fiddle(ideone, dotnetfiddle, codepen, etc.)
    • Short symbols are represented by the . characters
    • Long symbols are represented by the - characters
    • Spaces between letters is represented by one literal whitespace character
    • Spaces between words is represented by one literal tab character (ASCII code 9)
    • Stops after sentences (i.e. punctuation) is represented by an optional ; character


    Each entry will be judged on the following things.
    • Accuracy - Does the program follow all of the rules?
    • Length - How concise is the submitted code?
    • Execution - How quick did the code execute?
    • Efficiency - How efficient is the algorithm(s) you chose?

    You will get to brag that you won a VBForums contest and I'll also include a special avatar!

    Please submit all entry's to the forum below with the title in the following format "Contest 13: Morse Code Translator - [User Name]"
    Contest Entries Forum
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