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Thread: thoughts on ipv4

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    thoughts on ipv4

    I came across this new company - need thoughts on this one and IPv4 : http://www.ipv4connect.com

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    Re: thoughts on ipv4

    This doesn't come as any surprise to me. Years ago, I was paranoid about the move to IPv6, to the extent that I was concerned about how my IP utilities could be left high and dry. So I spent considerable effort in developing a replacement for MSWINSCK.OCX. The demise of IPv4 simply did not happen. Companies had to balance the cost of moving to IPv6 against the cost of maintaining IPv4. If the cost of acquiring new IPv4 addresses was less than making the adjustment, that's the direction some companies went. AWS (Amazon) for one, has acquired a substantial IPv4 address space. I don't know the reasons behind it, but I do understand the logic.

    J.A. Coutts

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