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Thread: multi loop file wnot work

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    multi loop file wnot work

    hello members

    my file is not working check its what wrong

    Number = 1
    While Number <= 12
    filesave = Text5.Text + "_" + Number
    Print filesave
    Number = Number + 1

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    Re: multi loop file wnot work

    Where is the file ?

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    Re: multi loop file wnot work

    Read up on which operator to use for concatenating strings.....
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    Re: multi loop file wnot work

    Are you sure it is not working?
    That code would print the text directly to the form where the code resides starting in the top left corner. If you have stuff on the form it could be printing and you not see it.

    That said you should as mentioned above read up on proper concatenation methods and also how to use a For Next loop. While Wend is almost never used by experienced VB guys.

    Also note that when you have an issue you should describe your issue not working is not a good description as it can mean almost anything from getting output other than what was expected to a hard crash. Always describe you problem, make note of any error messages and which line they occur on. This will help others help you.
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