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Thread: Modifying the User Interface

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    Modifying the User Interface

    My app has two primary displays: the title page (shown only once) and the main display (shown for the rest of the time the app is in use). Written long ago, and I've forgotten how to modify these displays for an app upgrade. For instance, I want to change text in some of the labels in the Title Display. I want to modify items in a drop down menu on Main Display. In Project Explorer, I find these forms, and can find the relevant code, but I find nothing that resembles the windows I used when I first constructed these displays.

    Please help, or refresh my memory.


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    Re: Modifying the User Interface

    That's kind of like me asking you to help me remember my dream from last night.

    You're going to need to provide code, screenshots, possibly project (non-binary) files, etc. if you want any actual help here.

    Depending on how you've designed the form, it might not involve modifying any code at all, it might just be changing the properties of the controls while in design mode.

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    Re: Modifying the User Interface

    If you double click on the frm file, it should show you the form layout in designer mode. Otherwise, if you click on the .frm file, you should be able to show the code, or the form layout by clicking on the appropriate icon (View Code or View Object) above the Project Explorer window.

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