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Thread: DotNet Core Anyone?

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    DotNet Core Anyone?

    Is anyone currently using .NET Core for any serious applications? If so, what have you built?

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    Re: DotNet Core Anyone?

    We deployed an ASP.NET Core application some months back and we originally targeted .NET Core for that but, while I can't recall specifics, there were one or two dependencies that didn't support .NET Core at the time so we had to revert to .NET Framework. We're about to undertake a new ASP.NET Core project and, assuming that it now supports all we need, we'll target .NET Core for that. It will be a public web site for an Australian government department.
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    Re: DotNet Core Anyone?

    As almost nobody has answered I guess the answer was "No" then

    The dev team (I'm currently wearing my DBA hat) at my current clients are looking at it, mainly for Entity Framework core which looks like it's got some major improvements. They're half way through a product development, though, and are reticent to switch mid-project. This is a web facing travel insurance system built on micro-services so it'd be a good candidate for core.
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