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Thread: VB6 - Hash10

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    VB6 - Hash10

    Now this one makes a lot of sense. I accidentally ran across it while searching for something else.


    BCryptHash performs a single hash computation. This is a convenience function that wraps calls to BCryptCreateHash, BCryptHashData, BCryptFinishHash, and BCryptDestroyHash.

    Attached is the updated Hash program I previously posted.

    Unfortunately, it only works in Windows 10. If you try to run it in Vista or Win 8.1, you will get this error:

    Run-time error '453':
    Can't find DLL entry point BCryptHash in bcrypt.dll

    J.A. Coutts

    Note: Because I don't have VB6 on a Win 10 machine, this program has never been run in the IDE, only as an executable on Win 10.
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