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Thread: Hexeditor OCX control

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    Hexeditor OCX control

    A hexeditor/viewer is another commonly needed component. Here is one I have been using for a number of years now.

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    The core of this one was taken from a standalone hexeditor written by Rang3r and released on psc in 2001


    It has been converted into an OCX and includes common functions such as load from string/bytearray/file,
    ability to copy hexcodes, search, and extract strings. It also has good performance on large files.

    The ocx also includes a public class so you can launch a hexeditor on its own form without having to host it
    on a dedicated form of your own.

    Any updates will be in the git repo here:


    public methods:
    Property BookMarks() As Collection
    Public Property hWndAscii() As Long
    Public Property hWndCanvas() As Long
    Public Property hwnd() As Long
    Public Property AsciiBGColor() As Long
    Public Property HexBGColor() As Long
    Public Property MarginBGColor() As Long
    Public Property MarginColor() As Long
    Public Property AsciiColor() As Long
    Public Property EvenColor() As Long
    Public Property OddColor() As Long
    Public Property ModColor() As Long
    Public Property Font() As StdFont
    Public Property IsDirty() As Boolean
    Public Property DataLength() As Long
    Public Property SelLength() As Long
    Public Property SelStart() As Long
    Public Property SelTextAsHexCodes(Optional prefix As String = Empty) As String
    Public Property SelText() As String
    Public Property Columns() As Long
    Property ReadChunkSize() As Long
    Property LoadedFile() As String
    Property VisibleLines() As Long
    Property CurrentPosition() As Long
    Public Sub GotoNextBookmark()
    Public Sub ToggleBookmark(ByVal Pos As Long)
    Public Sub ShowBookMarks()
    Public Function FileSize() As Long
    Public Function GetDataChunk(ByVal Pos As Long) As String
    Public Function GetData(ByVal Pos As Long) As Byte
    Public Sub Scroll(ByVal Amount As Long)
    Public Sub Save()
    Public Sub SaveAs(Optional fpath As String = Empty, Optional defaultfName As String)
    Public Sub FullView()
    Public Sub HexView()
    Public Sub AsciiView()
    Public Function LoadFile(fpath As String, Optional ViewOnly As Boolean = True) As Boolean
    Function FileExists(path As String) As Boolean
    Function FolderExists(path As String) As Boolean
    Public Function LoadByteArray(bArray As Variant, Optional ViewOnly As Boolean = True) As Boolean
    Public Function LoadString(data As String, Optional ViewOnly As Boolean = True) As Boolean
    Public Sub DeleteData(ByVal Pos As Long, ByVal length As Long)
    Public Sub OverWriteData(ByVal Pos As Long, data() As Byte)
    Public Sub InsertData(ByVal Pos As Long, data() As Byte)
    Public Sub ShowInsert()
    Public Sub CopyData(ByVal Pos As Long, ByVal length As Long)
    Public Sub DoUndo()
    Public Sub Refresh()
    Public Sub DoCut()
    Public Function Strings(Optional minLen As Long = 7, Optional unicode As Boolean = False) As String()
    Public Sub SelectAll()
    Public Sub DoPaste()
    Public Sub DoPasteOver()
    Public Sub DoDelete()
    Public Sub DoCopy()
    Public Sub ShowGoto()
    Public Sub scrollTo(ByVal Pos As Long)
    Public Sub ShowFind()
    Public Function Search(match As String, Optional isUnicode As Boolean = False, Optional caseSensitive As Boolean = False) As String()
    Public Function ShowHelp()
    Public Function ShowAbout()
    Public Function ShowOpen(Optional initDir As String, Optional ViewOnly As Boolean = False) As Boolean
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