We all know that is possible to install Visual Studio 6 on Windows 10 no matter if x86 or x64, by VS6Installer or manually.
Me personally have installed.

In few days ago I installed NTVDMx64 - version of NTVDM for 64-bit Windows 10 (I'm using Windows 10.1803 Pro x64).
It allows me to run 16-bit applications, most of them working and not only DOS applications - also 16-bit Windows applications. Simple example, I know that's game, but Sim City Classic for Windows, of course also others.
Even I can run and work in Visual Basic for DOS - without problems and can test and build my apps.

I tried to use Visual Basic 3.0 Enterprise Edition by copying installation folder from virtual machine, it works not.
So, I tried Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise Edition and started installation from NTVDM console.
Setup file was found and executed, but that's all.
Why I'm talking that file was found: when I start some applications directly from File Explorer they reports that file was not found and prompts for find correct path.
When I start these applications from NTVDM console file is always found.

Why Visual Basic 4.0?
I want to build 16-bit applications for Windows, not only for DOS.
I know that 4.0 requires DLLs and other, but they're commonly stored in installation folder except some.
Also is known that folder stucture of 16-bit Windows is other than 32-bit since Windows 95 for which was VB4 developed - and Windows 95 is 32-bit so here's higher chance.
VB4 like we know is first version with possible selection to build 16 or 32-bit applications.
I don't know how it is with Visual Basic 5.0 (or named 97).

VS6 has for installation VS6Installer - but it failed everytime I tried it, so installed VS6 manually.

Is possible to do it by similar way for VB4?

Thank you for your patience.