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    VBScript Promblem with using wscript.shell

    Hello everyone
    i am using a software name MCPS. and there is a possibility to write a script in this program. the scripts from this program contains the extension .mbs and not .vbs
    creating wscript object doesn't make a problem but when using there commands for example the name of file or directory ..etc
    i come with this error:
    wscript is not defined
    so is there any way that i can call or get this object
    for example when use :
    Set objXL = GetObject(,"Excel.Application")
    its working . i have tried to GetObject(,"WScript.shell") but it giving me another error related to activeX error activex component can't create object
    please help. thanks
    the script is :

    Option Explicit

    '******************** Deklarationen ********************
    DIM Main_Fenster 'the main window variable
    DIM Run_Window 'Main Window
    DIM SType ' Varialbe to store the script call type : 6 First run and 3 for Scan while scaning
    DIM Text1 'Main window name Text
    DIM Text2 ' Abluf Box selection Text name
    DIM SelBoxAblauf 'selection Box for choosing the Abluaf of the Measurment
    DIM SelBoxAblauf_Value 'Selectoin Box value for Ablauf
    DIM Text3 'Database path show
    DIM Project_Path
    DIM DatabasePath_Default
    DIM DatabasePath_Default_Help
    DIM DatabasePath_Default_Help_Open
    DIM SystmeObject
    DIM SystmeObject2
    DIM i
    '******************** Paramete_Init *********************

    '******************** Main_Start *********************
    SType = MCPS.GetScriptType 'to know why the script is call. first run or normal scan
    call Get_Value_Window

    '******************** Startfenster *********************
    Sub Get_Value_Window
    Main_Fenster=MCPS.DialogCreate("Druck Kalibrierung Flucke 6270A",1000,800,0) 'name of the dialoge and size of it
    Text1 = MCPS.DialogAddText(Main_Fenster,"Druckkalibrierung mit Flucke 6270A",400,5,250,25,4096)

    'Database Path to show and get
    call DatabasePathSub
    Text3 = MCPS.DialogAddText(Main_Fenster,DatabasePath_Default,50,80,300,25,0)
    'Ablauf Text Selection Box
    Text2 = MCPS.DialogAddText(Main_Fenster,"Abluaf",50,10,60,25,0)
    SelBoxAblauf = MCPS.DialogAddSelection(Main_Fenster,50,30,60,25,0)
    SelBoxAblauf_Value = MCPS.DialogAddSelectionString(Main_Fenster,SelBoxAblauf,"A")
    SelBoxAblauf_Value = MCPS.DialogAddSelectionString(Main_Fenster,SelBoxAblauf,"B")
    SelBoxAblauf_Value = MCPS.DialogAddSelectionString(Main_Fenster,SelBoxAblauf,"C")
    SelBoxAblauf_Value = MCPS.DialogAddSelectionString(Main_Fenster,SelBoxAblauf,"Benutzer")
    'End from Abluf Text Selection Box

    Run_Window=MCPS.DialogRun(Main_Fenster) 'to wait for the answere of the user
    End Sub

    Sub DatabasePathSub
    Set SystmeObject = CreateObject("WScript.shell")
    DatabasePath_Default_Help = Left(WScript.ScriptFullname,(Len(WScript.ScriptFullname))-(Len(WScript.ScriptName)))
    DatabasePath_Default_Help = DatabasePath_Default_Help&"Flucke6270AskriptDatabasePath.txt"
    End Sub

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    Re: VBScript Promblem with using wscript.shell

    Hey.. let me see if I understand...

    Fisrt Try:
    Option Explicit
    ' Option Explicit

    Second Try:
    I think this error will occur when you not define the variable when you type on the very beginning of code, or function of subroutine the code: Option Explicit...
    to make this right you must declare the variables.
    ... Dim variable ....

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