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Thread: SQL startup

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    SQL startup

    Hi there another newbie question.

    After talking to people on the Forum, i have been told its going to be easyer to use a SQL database.

    i am using win8, VB 2010 or VB.net 2010

    At the Moment i have 2008 SQL loaded.

    i have search the web with not a lot of luck.

    is there any were on the net that has a good tutorial ??

    or how i set up a SQL database and how to i get it into my vb program.

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    Re: SQL startup

    If you haven't already, you can install SQL server Management Studio (the Express edition is free) and create and manage database there. You can start by right-clicking on the Databases node under your instance in the Object Explorer to create a new database and go from there. If you've used software before, you should be able to find your way around easily enough to do the basics.

    As for connecting to a SQL Server database from VB.NET, you will likely use ADO.NET for that. Part of the premise with ADO.NET is that it's pretty much the same regardless of the type of database, although SQL Server is possibly the most commonly-used, being a Microsoft product. You could start by following the Database FAQ link in my signature below and checking out some of the .NET resources there.
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